Closed Schools and Student Records

For information on recent school closures, the status of a restitution claim against a closed school, or a complete listing of closed schools, please choose from the following options:

Closed Schools Bulletins: In this section are bulletins with information on the status of closed schools and the processing of Claims for Restitution for these schools. The Division posts updated bulletins as it proceeds with each new phase of the process.

Status of Closed School Claims: If you have a claim pending against a closed school, this section contains an at a glance chart with the status of the claims processing for each school.

NOTICE: If you are a former student of Allstate Institute of Technology in Chicopee, or the Computer Learning Center in Somerville or Lowell, who filed a claim for restitution and who is owed a refund that you have not yet received, the Division of Professional Licensure has been attempting to reach you. Please contact us immediately at at

Closed Schools Repository Listing: In this section is a list of closed schools with contact information for records and transcripts. Please note that schools that closed prior to July 2012 were only required to hold student records for seven years; however, please check the repository list as the records may still be available.

Information about students' records for closed degree-granting institutions may be located at the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education.

Information about students' records for closed hospital-based nursing programs may be located at the Department of Public Health.

To request a copy of a transcript currently held by DPL, please fill out the Transcript Request Form and return it via first class mail to the Office of Private Occupational School Education.